The B-Pod™ line from H2O Dynamic is the ideal rotary growing system for the beginners as well as the skilled user. It uses the reliable and simple Ebb and Flood system, which is a series of trays that hold your plants above a container of nutrient solutions.

The patented B-Pod™ model line is made of precision machined aluminum and painted with a highly protective powder coated finish. The plant trays are made of a durable UV protected plastic and are designed to hold standard 4" growing media blocks. The unit is gear driven on smooth and effortless ball bearings and has a built in locking mechanism for easy loading and unloading of the trays. The light source is vertically and horizontally adjustable and is protected with a high reflective tempered glass tube.

All 3 of our B-Pod™ models can be assembled within an hour. So you can be up and running in no time.

We currently offer 3 models in the B-Pod™ line with different growing capacity and space requirements. So choose a model that's right for you.


Why Choose a B-Pod™?

  • Fully automated, maintenance free, simple and easy to operate.
  • Maximum growth, minimum time.
  • Energy savings. Save approximately 50% on energy costs using half the lights needed to grow conventionally.
  • Minimum space requirements. Save approximately 2/3 of the space compared to growing flat.
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B-Pod™ FEATURES (on all models)

  • 24 plant trays (designed to hold standard size: 2.5” x 4” x 4” media blocks)
  • nutrient reservoir
  • 2 drip trays
  • watering reservoir
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B-Pod™ MODEL PARTICULARS (for each model)

Model Capacity Size Suggested Light
120 120 cubes 38" (L) x 64" (W) x 68" (H) 1 Light (400-600 watts)
240 240 cubes 56" (L) x 64" (W) x 68" (H) 2 Lights (600 watts/ea)
360 360 cubes 74" (L) x 64" (W) x 68" (H) 2 Lights (600-1000 watts/ea)
(cube: refers to 1 Rockwool cube size 2.5" x 4" x 4")

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